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Five cities for leading electric vehicles distribution
Category Environmental News Source Ministry of Environment


The Ministry of Environment selected and announced five local governments -- Seoul, Changwon, Gwangju, 
Yeonggwang and Jeju -- as leading cities for distribution of electric vehicles (EVs). The ministry will make 
assessment of three distribution models, presented by the above cities and spread them to the whole nation.

[Three EV Distribution Models]

○ Urban type (Seoul, Changwon, Gwangju): It is suitable for urban areas, where a driving route is short and 
    traffic jam is heavy. For example, electric vehicles and charging facilities can be installed in park-and-ride 
    lots and public parking lots so that citizens can share them. Also, buses can be replaced by electric buses 
    so as to improve air quality of urban areas.

○ Tour type (Jeju): It is aiming at ‘carbon free tour’, linking to the public transportation of tourist spots. At the 
    airports and railroad stations in sightseeing cities such as Jejudo and Gyeougju, tourists can rent an 
    electric rental car.

○ Neighborhood type (Yeonggwang): It is suitable for a specific small areas such as amusement parks and 
    rural areas. For example, electric cars can be used for patrolling or providing information at parks and 
    airports. Also, electric vehicles can be distributed to the elderly and the disabled. 

Seoul plans to make a system by which citizens can share electric vehicles from this year and distribute electric 
buses and taxes. Also, Changwon-si will distribute electric vehicles mainly to public organizations this year and 
lay them at railway stations and express bus terminals so that business travelers can share them. Gwangju-si 
will let citizens experience driving electric vehicles at tourist attractions and test drive them at the Urban 
Environmental Accord, which is held from October 11 to 18, 2011. Yeonggwang will distribute electric vehicles to 
small towns and islands for patrolling and helping the weak and the elderly. And Jeju-si plans to distribute 
electric vehicles for being used as rental cars. As the number of rental cars in Jeju is about 12,000, the distribution 
effect is expected to be considerable.

The five leading cities will become core cities for developing and improving related institutional groundwork. With 
regard to this, the Ministry of Environment will sign an MOU with the five local governments and promote selecting 
additional leading cities this year to develop more distribution models.

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