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2017 International Symposium for Surface Soil Management to be held
Category Environmental News Source Ministry of Environment


▷ Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) holds the 2017 International Symposium for Surface Soil Management.

▷ 11 experts on surface soil management from seven countries including Korea, the United States and France will share latest trends in the field.

Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute ("KEITI," president Nam Kwang-hee) under the Ministry of Environment is hosting the 2017 International Symposium for Surface Soil Management on March 30 at The Plaza Hotel, Seoul. 

The symposium aims to discuss ways to develop surface soil management and share the latest global trends in response to Industry 4.0. The event is composed of a symposium on ICT-driven surface soil management and panel discussion. A total of 11 experts from Korea, the United States, France, Switzerland, Japan, China and Taiwan will give presentations. 

Professor Lee Min-hwa at KAIST will deliver a keynote speech on "Industry 4.0 and the Environment" to introduce cases of innovative environmental management using big data. 

Dr. Dominique Arrouays at French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) will give a presentation on Measuring Soil Environment Using Big Data to touch upon issues such as global soil mapping with big data and carbon management. 

Experts from other countries like Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan and China will present their governments policies and technologies on surface soil that embrace ICT. Korean experts on surface soil management strategies will introduce Korean type of surface soil erosion investigation & assessment technologies and the surface soil erosion model that can predict the monthly amount of erosion. 

In order to prevent the erosion of surface soil, the Ministry of Environment established a master plan on surface soil preservation in 2013 and has conducted the status of nationwide surface soil erosion and developed technologies including an erosion forecast model tailored to Korea. 

As part of such efforts, KEITI launched the Surface Soil Management Strategic Research Group in 2014 to support R&D activities. When the development of model is completed in 2018, it will be applied to the field for measuring surface soil erosion across the nation. 

President Nam Kwang-hee of KEITI said, "I hope the symposium serves as an opportunity to share the global trend on surface soil management in response to Industry 4.0, and KEITI will actively develop ICT-driven surface soil management technologies based on the results of symposium."  
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