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NNIBR published Illustrations of Phytoplankton in the Nakdong River
Category Environmental News Source Ministry of Environment


▷ NNIBR offers latest information on the classification of 203 species of phytoplankton and their ecological characteristics.
▷ The illustration is composed of various contents on phytoplankton for domestic and foreign researchers as well as the general public.  

Nakdonggang National Institute of Biological Resources ("NNIBR," Director Ahn Young-hee) published a book titled "Illustrations of Phytoplankton in the Nakdong River" in Korean and English, which introduces the classification and ecological information of 203 species of phytoplankton living in Nakdong River. 

A 464-page, hardcover book includes ecological information on 203 species of phytoplankton inhabiting the main stream and branches of the Nakdong River (72 species of diatom, 87 species of green algae, 35 species of charophytes, 8 species of blue-green algae and 1 species of dinoflagellate) with graphic photos. 

Phytoplankton is placed under the protist kingdom among the five kingdoms of living organisms, which are animal kingdom, plant kingdom, moneran kingdom, protist kingdom and fungus kingdom. It photosynthesizes by using chloride, and is also called as microalgae.
Illustrations of Phytoplankton in the Nakdong River was published by re-classifying database accumulated by researchers at NNIBR and Korea’s eminent phytoplankton classification experts. 

The book contains ecological features of species such as specific name and synonym, morphological characteristics, period and region of occurrence, and inhabiting environment as well as morphological terms and references. 

The illustration also features various photos of phytoplankton that are rare to find at other times for not only researchers at home and abroad but also the public who are interested in freshwater living organisms. There are high-resolution photos of phytoplankton taken by optical and electron microscopes along with diagram of a type species. 

The book will be available at the library of NNIABR, and will go on sale by Environmental Biological Resources Research Team of NNIBR from early April. 

Ahn Young-hee, Director of NNIBR, said that "the illustration will help raise the understanding of researchers and ordinary citizens on the biodiversity and ecology of phytoplankton inhabiting around the Nakdong River." "We plan to publish illustrations on freshwater phytoplankton found in Han River, Geunggang River and Yeongsan River areas," he added.  
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