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1) Business Cooperation Contract Business Cooperation Contract (CONTRACTUAL BUSINESS COOPERATION) Vietnamese side and foreign side not only a separate legal entity established under the project agreement between the parties to business co-youngwi as a form of investment, production sharing agreement (PRODUCT SHARING CONTRACT) of the Petroleum Development Business and aquaculture, wood processing industry in my Built-these types of investments. In the case of a joint venture or sole investment limited liability entity (Limited Liability Legal Entity) established a joint venture contract management of the business but if you need a separate incorporated in the agreement only because of unlimited liability, Jim. Both the responsibilities and obligations, interests or distribution of products in accordance with the contract decision. In the tax obligations of each party. In other words, the South Vietnamese partners, the local tax law, foreign relations law on foreign investment side of their napbuham taxes.

2) Joint Venture Joint venture joint venture with the Vietnamese side and foreign officials with limited liability under the contract being a separate legal entity be established to carry out the business of venture capital companies in the form of payment can be Foreign: Cash, plants, buildings, equipment, machinery, tools, accessories, parts, patents, technical know-how, process technology, technical services, South Vietnam: cash, natural resources, buildings, equipment, land, water, sea surface value of the license plants, buildings, equipment, machinery, tools, Accessories, parts construction supervision, plant construction business, patents, technical know-how, process technology, technical services, Joint venture operating committee (BOARD OF MANAGEMENT) a major capital investment minded decision-maker according to the ratio of 2 or more sides, each of the 24 key decision to nominate the same as the quorum.

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