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Trend of Livestock Wastewater Treatment Market
Category Water


Trend of Livestock Wastewater Treatment Market 

1. Summary 

* The livestock sector, one of the causes of climate change, is known to account for 18% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions in terms of carbon dioxide conversions, so livestock manure management becomes more important. 

* In addition, as the marine dumping of livestock manure was banned in 2012, livestock manure management and resource recovery centered on low-carbon green growth have become more important than ever. 

* However, as livestock (pigs’) manure contains a high concentration of energy sources, bio-energy (using biomass, such as carbohydrate, woods, seaweeds, and waste organic materials, as energy sources) which can utilize them is taking center stage. 

* Among bio-energy technologies, the development of technologies to recover the available energy from organic waste sources, such as domestic sewage, food wastes, and livestock manure, which are inevitably generated in human life, and to use it as an alternative energy source is presented as a sustainable eco-friendly energy conversion technology of a new paradigm that acquires the available energy resources along with the treatment of pollutants. 

* The livestock wastewater treatment industry using this bio-energy technology is growing, and the technology development and industry linked to microbial fuel cells are also growing. 

2. Current status 

Domestic livestock manure generations 

* The amount of livestock manure generated in 2010 was 46.53 million tons, up 6.5% from 43.7 million tons in 2009. 
- Among these, marine emissions were estimated at 1.07 million tons. 

Current status of domestic and overseas livestock manure treatment 

* In Europe where dairy farming has developed, a large amount of livestock manure is generated and more than 80% of the high-concentration organic waste treatment facilities are operated by anaerobic digestion-type bioplants. 

For more information, see the attached file.



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