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Technical Reports

Removal System of Solid Substance and Phosphorus by Low Pressure Floating Device (LAF)
Category Water


1. Outline

 * Process of micro pneumatization of gas under low pressure by and removing technology of solid substance and phosphorus in which after decreasing hydrophile property micro bubbles are attached, its weight is decreased to lighter than water to float and floated scum is removed.


2. Characteristic

 * After pneumatization of bubbles increase surface of bubbles in touch with liquid.

 * Increase period of stay and high delivery efficiency of bubbles as result of surface increase.

 * Increase biological processing efficiency from increase ratio of dissolved oxygen during waste water processing.

 * Excellent delivery rate of oxygen from small bubble size of 40~120μm.

 * Increase floating ability of solid substance.

 * Convenient installation and operations from small size compared to pressure floating device.

 * Automatic adjustment of bubbles supplied by circulating of liquid through pump.


For more information, see the attached file.
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