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Bio-butanol Production Technology Using Wood Waste Resources
Category Air Certification GT-16-00079
Company GS Caltex Co., Ltd.
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* Technology to produce mixed sugars (C5 + C6 Sugar) from all kinds of low-cost wood biomass such as waste wood, forest remnants, agricultural by-products, farm by-products, sugarcane, corn stalk, and huge flame grass.



* Realization of bio-butanol production through simultaneous fermentation of mixed sugar by single microorganism and ensuring economic efficiency.
 - A mutant strain that decomposes the pentose from the wood waste or stem of the plant can be made to shorten the fermentation period of the mixed sugar.
 - Achievement of cost competitiveness 40% cheaper than existing petroleum-based butanol by developing independent fermentation process.
 - Solution of mass production problems through system metabolic engineering technology that manipulates microbial properties.

 * Waste can be used instead of coal, saving resources.
- Lignin residue except for sugar that account for over 60~70% from Waste wood·Reed·sugar cane can be used as substitution of coal in thermal power plants.

 * The process of producing bio-butanol from waste wood reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 60% when compared to the process of producing gasoline from crude oil.
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